Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 61 - The Corpse Vanishes

Commando Cody 3 - Talked about these before, so not much more to add, just noting it down to note it down.  Weird the bots were already in the theatre, though.  Did they do that often early on?  I've only seen a handful, and I forget if I've seen this happen before.

As for the movie itself...  Hoo.  What a plot.  A botanist/hypnotist with a wife suffering from premature aging discovers that he can keep her youthful by killing virgin brides on their wedding day.  All that doesn't seem to be *necessary* per se, but it's how the back of the disc described it, and I rather like the WTFery of it.  A female reporter stumbles upon the connection between the dead brides, gets mentally toyed with by Bela Lugosi, and they eventually fake a wedding to catch him.  Naturally.

This movie has one of my favourite series of jokes, one right after another.

  • "Why does the Earth have a shadow?"

  • "Why are there clouds in space??"

  • "Why are we watching this?!"

  • "Daddy...what's Vietnam?"

It just gets increasingly hilarious with each line, and then just does a complete swerve out of nowhere to Vietnam.  Perfect comedy timing.

There's also several silly fourth wall breaking jokes calling out the commercial break.  This definitely seems like early jokes they tried out, and I get why they wanted to do them.  I also get why they STOPPED doing this. ;)

Whenever I see the RAM chips, I always kinda miss them.  It was a good way to wrap things up, and take a look at the movie.  The whole good thing/bad thing may also have been subconsciously influencing me with Trisk, because I always try to find a little good in those pieces of crap.

But I love that this movie was so terrible, Servo's head exploded when he tried to think of a good thing.  I've been there...  I'm looking at you, "Things".

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