Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 60 - Racket Girls

Are You Ready for Marriage short - I really need a list somewhere to try and remember if I've watched some shorts before or not.  Eh.

"Never make light of boing!"

I always love these little educational film shorts.  They're so weird, so of their time, and just so...yeah.  Sometimes, they're the best things of an episode, because of the condensed nature of them, and having no REAL point, there's a lot to poke fun at.

As for the movie itself...  I think they described it best when they said the director "Out-Wooded Ed Wood!"  This was purely made just because the director had a thing for female wrestling, and oh gods does it show.  The plot is barely there.  I just watched it and barely remember it.  Something about racketeering, money, and mob shenanigans.  But forget all that, it's all about the wrestling.

So many wrestling scenes.  Long ones.  And with people yelling like they're on a roller coaster in the background.  I am honestly surprised at just how much mileage Mike and the 'bots got out of them.  I never once felt like they were struggling too hard for jokes, and surprisingly, they were the funniest parts of the movie, for the most part.

Audio glitches in these old movies are always good for riffs, and wow does this movie have bad audio.  Gives them more than a few good lines to poke at.

"You have to wonder what the rejected footage looked like."  "WHAT rejected footage??"

"Is this the induction film when you go to hell?!"

A very quotable rifftrack.

Tags: mst3k

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