Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 57 - The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy

Now there's a title...

Being the second 'real' episode after  The quips are almost more conversational.  A very different tone to start with.  I kinda like them talking about the movie.  They do this a little, always, but this seems more laid back.  Hard to describe quite what I mean.

And you can tell they haven't figured out how to do the silhouettes against B&W movies just yet.  That could be an entire, long post all its own.

Such a headdesky movie.  It was the...third? in a series, IIRC, and the first two thirds of it are mostly made up of footage from the first two movies.  Hell, for a movie titled Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy, that robot doesn't even APPEAR until there's only 15 minutes left.  It doesn't even come on and move for another five!

There is this great bit with Joel pinching a bad singer's lips shut, and the sound is suddenly muted.  I wonder if this was faked by them for the gag?  Or were they taking advantage of terrible sound in a terrible movie, and the drop outs were legit?  Someday, I'll look up these questions, because I'm sure the answers are there. ;)  And in some cases, I have looked them up, but I let the questions remain, since they are worth wondering, and what went through my head.

One of the silliest moments for me is recognising the cute little space dogs as repuposed old He-Man toys, the dinosaur skeleton like figure carrier, IIRC.  And I giggled when Gypsy eats their king.

"Every good laboratory needs a pit full of rattlers!"

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