Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 56 - Final Justice

Oh, poor Mike.  So close to escape.  He believes that after watching a bad Joe Don Baker movie, he'll be allowed to leave the SoL, just like Joel did a few years previous.  No no, poor thing.  You have to finish out the season.

And this one is pretty bad.  A Texas lawman apprehends a mobster after he kills Geronimo's partner, a moment that is mocked unrelentlessly by the gang, since it is poorly edited and uses reused footage mere seconds away from each other.  On the extradition trip, the plane gets diverted to Malta, where the lawman has to try to not run afoul of the local police OR his prisoner's friends.  There's a decent plot there, possibly, but it it so poorly handled and acted.  Another mix of a weird movie, with weird settings, and weird acting that gives the gang plenty of material to work with.

Like the never ending mocking of muted swears.  Nothing new to MST3K, but they finally chose to not ignore it this time around, probably because five minutes doesn't go by without some line missing a word.

The most annoying part is Geronimo constantly correcting people on how to pronounce his name with a soft 'hhh' G, instead of the familiar Jeronimo.  And this is so badly translating to text.  But you know what I mean. ;)  It drove me up the wall.

"This movie is really drawing me in! a deep well of despair."

Go ahead on.
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