Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Water Water Nowhere

From burning to drowning.

Or not.

A few months ago, we started having water issues.  Water pressure went away completely halfway through a shower I was in the middle of.  We called in help, they poked around, did some fixing, and charged us almost four figures.

Well, that didn't fix things.  My dad called to get them back out, they didn't see anything wrong, he kept calling and calling, they kinda started to not call back or tell us what was going on.  Finally came back and charged us a few hundred more dollars to fix things.

Surprise!  Still not fixed!

In fact, now what's going wrong is EXACTLY the same thing as last time.  Which means three months, lots of money, and things have not been fixed.  They're actually worse!  I couldn't take a shower today because the water basically runs for five minutes and then stops for 10.  I did my best to keep clean, but I still feel like crap, on a hot day, and am just praying they can fix things tomorrow.

At least long enough to shower and shave.

Ugh.  This has been a long, annoying process.


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