Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Burning Down the Kitchen

I got the bug in me to do some cooking today, after seeing a recipe got me going.  Everything went well, food turned out good...

But as I was taking the pan out of the oven, the pot holder slipped just enough so one of my hands grabbed it with a bare thumb.  I let go with that, it started wobbling in the other hand, and then my instincts kicked in and went back to try and grab it...with the unprotected thumb to steady it.  I did this about three times before I could push back the panic and do it all with one hand. >.<

Fortunately it's only a minor burn, that stung like a son of a bitch all day, but gah, that sucked.

And I hope the pain, plus the heat of the day, is why I slept until 8:30.  THAT sucked. XP

The worst part is, I can't open shit with my left hand now, because the burn is RIGHT where your thumb grabs things.

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