Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 55 - Soultaker

One thing that I am realising, is that I am pretty much coming to the conclusion that in the question of Joel vs. Mike, I fall squarely on the side of Mike.  I blame that on when I saw my first episode, in season six.  Fortunately, reruns always mixed the two together, so I still have a healthy love of both, but Mike was the guy I always saw, and saw almost all of his episodes new.

But I still love Joel.  They just had two different approaches to the host, and both are valid, and both are great.

Also, this is a movie I first encountered when I was young, before MST3K was even a thing, or damned near close to it.  I actively sought this movie out and saw it, LONG before MST3K did it.  And...I kinda like this movie.  Now, I see all it's flaws, and even more so now, but I have a soft spot for it.  This is the only movie I'd seen before MST got to it, and that is one weird experience.

This episode comes from the very start of the final season.  The end is near, the ship is breaking down.  And I love Mike having to run down the hallway.  That's a great gag, and a perfect time to do it.

"He's a catcher's mitt with eyes!!"  is the best description of Robert Z'dar ever.

"I'll race you to film obscurity!"

So yeah, this episode brought back Joel for one last appearance in the final season.  An appropriate time, and there was something bittersweet about it.  You just KNEW the end was coming at that point.  But it was great to see the two guys together, and the little in jokes were great.  It was like catching up with your old college roommate, and he was still awesome after all these years.

I love him saying "I...just don't want to" when Mike asked to be taken home.  I wish he hadn't elaborated beyond that, but I *guess* a real reason was needed.

AND TV's Frank returns for one more appearance too. I wish they could've brought Trace/Dr. Forrester back once more, but ah well. Minor complaint.

"She's spurning a clown!"

I seriously love almost every quip in this episode.  They picked a great one to kick off the final season, and the callbacks to Werewolf were hilarious, and just...yeah, this is such a great episode.

And I haven't even touched on the plot, but who cares?

Don't tongue the Reaper!
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