Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 54 - Manhunt in Space

Oooh, this was good.  A classic black and white scifi bit of strangeness, set in the far flung future, with Rocky and his sidekick Winky.  A pair of Space Rangers fighting the good fight, trying to find a lost space ship, and doing so before the end of the first act.  They spend the rest of the time playing with invisible spaceships and fisticuffs.  Naturally, any scifi space movie from the 50s is perfect for MST3K.  SO cheesy, with such strange ideas of science.

The host segments are also a good mix this time out.  Tom's blindness cracked me up, AND they set him on fire.  Not a good day for the little red fireplug.  I was also terribly amused at them mocking the movie for using every day objects to make their sets look futuristic or strange...and then the guys look at their OWN set with no comment.

Also on the subject of breaking the fourth wall, a fave joke crops up in this episode with Tom seeing a resemblence to a moon in the movie, and their own MST3K logo.  And then they point out he's not supposed to know about that!

There was also a good running bit with Winky wanting to go out and enjoy some gay nightlife, and the awkwardness of that phrase now.  That shift in time periods from then to now, and commenting on it is something the show excels at, and is an endless mine of jokes.

Another part that was just of personal interest to me, was when they started talking about how the movie kept trying to make things sound like the future and sciencey by just putting 'space' in front of everything.  Space gun, space lunch, space pills...  I am currently developing a story, set in space, and drawing inspirations from pulp stories, and I hate that I keep describing things in those terms, because I remember this exact discussion.  And besides, wouldn't a space thief actually be trying to steal space?  At least I have yet to write down she'd be stealing things from a space museum.

So yeah, I'm keenly aware of that particular pitfall, and need to avoid it once I get the story out of the note making stage. ;)

Winky.  Winky?!  Really?
Tags: mst3k

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