Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Tasty Treats

I heard this last week, and have been meaning to share it since.  It's tied to a website, after a fashion, but the site isn't up yet, but I want to jot this down and spread the word before it fades from my memory.

A net show I watch frequently has guests, and last week one of them talked about an idea he had after seeing Avengers.

We've all seen the after credits bits in the Marvel movies, and so many more.  We're never sure where these are, on what movies, and after Avengers, he had the idea to make a website for this, and he even has a name for these sequences.

He wants to call them 'shawarma'.

So, the Avengers has shawarma.  And Prometheus has no shawarma.  And eventually he wants to have a website that would be the "IMDB of after credits sequences".

And I wholly support this idea.  Even if the website never quite materialises, I am definitely taking the word, and I would love to see others use it too.

Even if it is only so people know what the hell I'm talking about when I come out of Guardians of the Galaxy and talk about how awesome the shawarma is.


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