Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk Television: A Second Look at Teen Wolf

So, last year, I posted my initial thoughts on TW season one, and they were not pleased.  The show was bland, whiny, kinda plodding, and changed SO much from the Teen Wolf property that calling it Teen Wolf seemed pretty pointless aside from making people tune in for name recognition.

Yeah, I'm looking at YOU, BBC's Merlin...

The show still had a few moments, and aside from Scott's whinging at every little thing, the characters weren't too terrible, and the finale was a lot better.  Still nothing to write home about.  It was still pretty unclear if I'd tune in for a second season, but since there's nothing else on during the summer (Pfff, don't I wish...) I figured what the hey.

All that being said...I was actually kinda into the premiere.  Things happened, there was mystery, there was didn't really solve many of the first season problems, but Scott seems less mopey now that he's kinda sorted things out so that helps.  But there's still some slow bits, and its easy to fast forward at times.  But like I said, things actually happened, and it was pretty watchable.  Still not great, and still not a real Teen Wolf, but I am actually looking forward to more episodes, which I don't think I've said about this show yet.

Oh, and it had Michael Hogan.  That helps your show a LOT.


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