Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 51 - Werewolf

Oh my gods, how much do I love this episode?

This is a classic.  One of my top Mike episodes, if not overall.  We have an archaeological dig that turns up a skeleton of a werewolf...because no way in hell am I going to try and type up their Native American word for it.  The skull is used to conk a bunch of people on the head, turning THEM into werewolves, and havoc is wreaked across Flagstaff.

"There is already far too much Zarindast in this movie."

Poor, POOR Joe Estevez gets mercilessly mocked in this movie.  And it's slightly undeserved, IMO.  But, it is hilarious mocking his lesser than the rest of the family status.  And his lost puppiness, and how no one wants him in this movie.

Utterly laughable makeup, preposterous puppetry, inconsistent hair and accents, and oh lord the acting.  Or lack thereof.  When Joe Estevez is the epitome of acting, your movie is in trouble.  Scenes going from day to night and back again.  This movie has nothing going for it.  There is not a moment where something is not going wrong in this movie.  They have plenty to riff off of, and it makes for a great episode.

Seriously, Halle Berry had a more consistent accent as Storm.  And the female lead in this, I am convinced she is somehow related to Tommy Wisseau.

Mike's feeble escape attempt, Where Oh Werewolf, and Werecrow!  Even the host segments are top notch this time out.  All cylinders were firing on this episode.

Good BYE, Joe!!

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