Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Jason Reviews: This Means War

I can't quite justify this going on Trisk, and there's really no need for it.  Action?  Comedy?  Romance?  Bromance?  Yeah, not much Triskiness there.  I can talk plenty about it right here.

In case you missed it, this was the Chris Pine/Tom Hardy/Reese Witherspoon movie about a pair of CIA operatives that end up falling for the same girl, and use all the resources at their disposal, and taxpayer dollars, to win her over.  All while avoiding a pissed off mobster looking for revenge.

Now, the movie was roundly panned when it came out, and I can see why.  It does some fun things with the action comedy genre, and it's trying a little to hard to be the new Mr. & Mrs. Smith and doesn't quite reach that level of cleverness, to this movie's detriment.

But it is still a perfectly okay movie, that does have a few good moments of its own, and it is slightly a unique tale on a classic love triangle.  The leads are all very likable.  Hardy in a classic nice guy way, Pine is channeling every iota of Captain Kirk he can, but with a bit more heart lurking underneath.  And Reese Witherspoon is Reese.

There are some amazing shots in the movie.  It is very well directed.  I am particularly enamored of a scene where the guys are sneaking around Reese's apartment planting bugs, just barely ducking out of sight when she's passing by, and it is done all in one take.  Very well done, and I love scenes like that.  It's fun, and cute, and makes you smile.

The movie really gets by more on its charm than anything else, and fortunately that goes a long way.  You can see why she likes both of these guys, and why Pine's character is hard to love at first, but does have that element buried deep down, and just needs to grow up.

Sadly, the ending is a bit predictable, but I won't give it all away.  Still, it remains a satisfying ending where everyone grows, everyone gets something they want, and everyone has a happy ending.

At the end of the day, it's not a great movie, but it's inoffensive enough, has charm aplenty to keep you entertained, some genuine laughs, and heart.  It is definitely worth a watch, and not a waste of 90 minutes, unless there's something better on.  I enjoyed it, but can see why others wouldn't, due to there being better out there.  But sometimes, good enough is...good enough.


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