Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 50 - Laserblast

Oh, now here's a subject I know a lot about.  Laserblast, a movie by Charles Band, and a precursor to Triskaidekafiles favourite studio, Full Moon Entertainment.  And gee, there's puppets in this movie too.  Not AS puppets at least, but cheesy animatronic aliens.

I love whenever they point out Leonard Maltin's ratings for these things, showing that he thought this, THIS deserved two and a half stars.

So, this was the last Comedy Central episode, and they went out with a bang.  Or a blast.  This movie follows Billy, after he finds an alien weapon that inexplicably found its way to Earth, a weapon that was used for a bit, and then some aliens inexplicably came to Earth to kill the guy.  And then they left, inexplicably leaving the weapon behind for no good reason.  Sure, it looks like they get called away, but they couldn't take the two steps forward to pick the thing up?

Then Billy blows shit up for 90 minutes, leaving everyone in town confused as hell, until the aliens show up AGAIN to blast Billy dead.  And AGAIN they leave the weapon behind.  This movie is just...awful.  Things just kinda happen until the movie decides to stop.  It is very typical of all things Charles Band.

"So, we're watching someone, waiting for someone?"  "This is the point when it stops being a movie."  "It's like watching an aquarium."

I have reached this point in many a movie myself...

"When movies start showing you parts of themselves, you know you're in for it."  Yep, I know that well too...

"Home movies are more tightly edited than this!!"  They pretty much skewer Band's movie making style completely.

"This movie boldy states what it's going to do...and then does it!"

Seriously, they're making all my comments for me.

They have so much drawn out crap in this movie, Mike and Servo just go off on a tangent about the south rising again.  Funny, but it says something about the quality of the film.

A really fun episode, that was a good send off to the Comedy Central years.  And so much fun was had mocking Maltin's star ratings in the ending credits.


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