Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


As much as I am all for keeping your system up to date, things like what happened today definitely make it clear why some people get frustrated with Windows updates.

There was a tiiiny bug for WinXP users today.  Now, we've probably all had that occasional update that keeps saying it needs to be applied, even after you did it, and it usually goes away after one or two tries.  It's usually just something borked on your computer, and applying the update fixes it after a try or two.  No harm done.

But today...there were three updates, and they just would NOT go away.  I thought it was the above issue, but with the persistence of it, I did some searching around, and it looks like someone screwed up at MS, since this was going out to damned near every Win XP 32-bit user out there.  This endless loop of updates, the same three, for about 12 hours.

Yeah, shit like that, I can understand why people don't like automatic updates.  I still say it's better to leave them on (Or at worst, be notified they're available like I do, and go do them yourself at your convenience).  At least it was still a minor thing, but damn, the frustration spreading across the internet.


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