Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 49 - First Spaceship on Venus

And so begins the Shout! Factory era of MST3K DVDs.  Rhino did okay by MST3K, but they really just put out the movies with very little care to anything else.  Shout! has been putting out DVDs pretty steadily, to the point where you can almost predict when the next set will be out, and each set is pretty packed with behind the scenes stuff, either for the show itself, or the movies.  They've done a great job in making the DVDs something special, and worth getting for more than just the movies.  Which is good, because these sets ain't cheap.

But anyways, Venus.

This is a weeeird movie.  By all rights, the plot, the style, the screams 1950s.  But somehow this was made in the 80s?!  What is with the weird lettered shirts?  Why put the crew to sleep until they launch?  They say it's so they'll be in perfect shape for the trip but...unless they're not going for awhile, again, why?  Why put the crew into a coma for a good night's sleep?  Just...weird.

And the golden teddy bear spacesuits...

This movie has way too much sitting around and playing chess.  Someone got their pacing from 2001.  The difference being, that movie was good.

Teehee, a planet populated by bouncy ball bat spiders.  That are data recorders!  Yeah, still weird.

"Someone with a very different vision came up with this movie."  Kinda sums up all my feels right there.

So they discover a message from Venus, go to Venus, find nothing but remains of a civilisation and discover that they were going to attack us, but got themselves destroyed before they could?  You're telling me this entire movie is about something that DIDN'T happen?  Oookay.

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