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Let's All Go to the Movies: Avengers Review

So yeah, that happened...

And yes, there be spoilers beyond this point.  Turn back now, all two of you who have not seen this yet.

Man, Avengers was seven kinds of awesome.

I really don't need to say anything more than that, do I?

When the movie was ramping up, and the trailers were starting to hit, there were a bunch of people rolling their eyes and saying it was just "Iron Man 3" and that's all it would be.

Well, surprise!  They were wrong.  So very, very wrong.  This is not Iron Man 3.  Or Hulk 3.  Or Cap/Thor 2.  This truly, precisely, is THE AVENGERS.  There is no arguing that.  Well, this is the internet, I'm sure it could be argued, but I digress.

This was, in every important way, an *Avengers* movie.  EVERY character gets plenty of screen time, for the most part.  Everyone gets references to their old movies, everyone gets references to the source material, and everyone gets their moment of awesomeness to shine.  Every single character contributes.  Everyone even gets moments of characterisation in an already busy movie.  It really is not in any way "Iron Man and Some Other Guys Hanging Around".  This is as much Cap's movie as Iron Man's.  Black Widow and Hawkeye get a little bit short changed on those accounts, likely due to not having their own franchises, but they still have some moments, just lesser ones than the big guys.  Although 'Tasha still gets that awesome interrogation and takedown.

The writing is smart and clever, as I'd expect Whedon's writing to be, and just as expected, he gets everyone.  He knows them, he knows how to give them their due, and work in all those awesome moments, and small moments, and in between moments..  I seriously question of everything could have been brought together so well with anyone else.

As the movie started, I wasn't all THAT blown away.  It was good, it was solid, it was fun, but there was a bit of "Well, not living up to the height and expectations," but I'm not holding that against the movie, that's my problem, and I got over it fast.  It just took a bit to really get into it.  Which isn't to say the first 30 minutes is bad.  I quite liked it, I just wasn't quite connecting at that point.  But I especially liked how the movie starts off almost exclusively with the normal human agents of SHIELD, before the comicbookness kicks off.  That was a smart way to do it, bring in the human element, and draw us into the world of the Avengers.

The moment when I knew this was something special, was when Thor swoops in, Iron Man gives chase, and they start fighting.

My brain had a pause, stared at the screen, and I heard this little voice in my head, "Oh my god.  I am watching Iron Man and Thor beat the snot out of each other on a giant screen and NOW THERE'S CAP TOO" and...I honestly started to tear up.  The eight year old Jason in me...  *flails*

I had a similar moment towards the end of the movie when Manhattan is getting trashed.  Nothing major, happens all the time in movies.  But as the giant snake personnel carrier is winding its way around, and it's this long shot going from hero to hero as they fight around mind realised it is seeing something unique for the moment.  It will happen again now, but in that moment...that was not something I ever thought I would see.  Thor, and Hulk, and Cap, and Hawkeye, and and and...FIGHTING A GIANT SPACE SNAKE.  My mind was just blown.  Quite frankly, it still is.

Now...for the bad.  And it is there.  Some of the characterisation felt fast and loose, and there were moments they danced around but didn't quite get too.  I suspect there were some edits to be had here, for the sake of time.  The movie is already pushing 2:30, so its understandable, and amazing they forced so much in.  But some bits still felt missing.

Loki's plan was...strange.  He came to Earth to get the cosmic cube (Tesseract my ass, we know what it is...) and that's all fine and good.  But um...his magic staff will allow him to control the hearts (literally!) and minds of men staff?  And he did this, he already has the cube?  I get having a few handy people like Hawkeye and Eric to do his heavy lifting, but some other bits just felt weird and world conquery for the sake of it, with no real depth.

And then he wanted to be taken into SHIELD custody, so they'd get the staff, make Hulk angry, and destroy themselves, because he wanted it to be public and in front of an audience?  I dunno, but somehow this totally doesn't work for me.  The main idea is good, get the cube, make a portal call in the Chitauri and stomp all over Earth.  But the roundabout stuff just felt like killing time at points.  If it didn't cause so much awesomeness to happen, this would annoy me way more.  I hope it makes more sense upon repeated viewings, but it really seemed like Loki just dicking around for the sake of...oh hey, there we go.  Chaos.  Yeah, I can roll with that explanation.

Also, while Avengers is a great movie, amazing entertainment...I hesitate to call it a great film.  It doesn't *really* have anything to say, does it?  Besides the importance of teamwork, and we already know that. ;)  It really is just a movie about getting the team together, and stopping the bad guys.  I'd still say Dark Knight is the better film, because it has a message, it has themes, and things to say.  Which isn't to say Avengers is bad, it's just got different goals and things to do.  This is entertainment, and there is nothing wrong with that.

But then, Batman has raspy voiced Bale, and it lacks Thor punching Hulk.  So I say it's a draw.

Anyone who visits Trisk knows I have NO problem with movies just being fun and awesome and entertaining, and Avengers is that, hands down.  It knocks ALL of those out of the park.  It is the fun awesome spectacle that you enjoy for the sake of enjoyment, and Dark Knight is the serious, deep, intellectual metaphorical movie.  And there is room for both of those, which is what makes movies awesome.  They both work, they're both good, just different.

As for this movie's goal of getting the team together, it is definitely one of the best examples of that.  They start out being at each other's throats almost, which makes sense.  All those different personalities would have huge clashes, especially about being forced to work together.  But a things become dire, as they put their conflicts aside because nothing is more important than saving the world, they totally come together, and THAT makes sense.  And they totally earn the team coming together.  It doesn't just happen, it totally works, and is just a well told story.

There are so many awesome moments in this movie, I can't even think of half of them.  Some highlights I still remember; the fights.  Come on, those are pure comic fan geekery there.  Loki trying to monologue the Hulk to HILARIOUSLY AWESOME results.  Thor and Hulk after the big fight.  Hell, Hulk, and Ruffalo as Banner, are just all kinds of awesome in this movie.  I like that they snuck in Pepper and a shot of Jane Foster.

I could go on and on, and I want to, because I seriously LOVED this movie, and I don't want people to read my few criticisms and think I didn't.  I just feel it's worth nothing the minor flaws, and I get long winded. ;)  This movie is the gift to every comic fan out there, and it is thoroughly enjoyable.  It has humour, action, drama, humanity, is the perfect summer blockbuster

And oh yeah, THANOS, BITCHES!!



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