Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 45 - The Rebel Set

Short: Johnny at the Fair, which I commented on back in the days of Mr. B Natural's shorts.  ...Which sounds dirty.

This movie is...strange.  It's straightforward, but kinda meanderingly padded.  The plot is actually decent on its surface, and part of me would like to see it remade.  Heck, it's Oceans 11 with a train layover.

The mastermind behind it all has one of the most bizarre reasons for picking his team.  Something along the lines of wanting to make them better people, show them their true paths of criminality.  This guy is the "Jigsaw" of criminal geniuses.

His scheme is actually rather clever, sending his men across the country, and during a four hour train layover in Chicago, they'll rob an armoured car.  Really, that's a pretty okay idea there.  I've seen worse movie plots, surely.  The specifics of actually robbing the truck get a little weird, but the basics are good.  Because it gave us this little oddity, "Tonight's episode: Milk, it Does a Body DEAD."

"Murder on the Disoriented Express!"

"This is the danger of coffee houses, guys."  Yes, this was a highly quotable episode.

I nearly spat out my water when they noticed the 'picnic casket'.  Oh gods, that was hilarious.

The final chase was loooong, but they got in some great lines with all the wordless padding the movie threw in for the last five minutes.  Some of their best stuff in the episode.

All in all, an actually okay but very flawed movie, that had some of their best lines for me, in awhile.


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