Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 44 - Horrors of Spider-Island

"An Exxon girl tanker ran aground."

The story of boxy manager Gary and his dance troupe that crash in the ocean on their way to Singapore.  They find their way to the spider island in the title, but there's only one spider, a giant one, that turns Gary into a wolfman...uhhh, 'kay.  So yeah, there's not a lot of spiders, and there is only a modicum of horror.  I'd demand my money back, but...

Ha!  I caught when they were making cheer jokes about the professor caught in the giant web, Tom made a Mrxl callback!  Never noticed that before.

Speaking of, poor poor Servo.  This movie was just too much for him.  Scantily clad women, fighting, and swimming, and fighting some more.  I love how he kept fainting.

And speaking of the bots acting funny, Crow ups and takes a break from the movie.  He doesn't get far, but he tries, at least.

"The whole movie just up and ran away from us."

And something I learned from this episode: If you crash your vessel, you become a girl.


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