Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 43 - Tormented

"I have a feeling this is aptly named..."  Sometimes they go for the easy joke.  This was my first thought upon seeing the title, and the most obvious joke to make...but sometimes, you gotta say what needs saying.

I swear, Bert I. Gordon is the source of so much pain for these guys.  I might even put him above Sandy Frank, myself.  But that's kinda like asking if you'd rather be shot in the left foot, or the right.  He saddles the gang with a plot that starts out like a riff on The Telltale Heart, but then becomes a ghost story with beatniks as a man chooses to not save his mistress, so she decides to haunt his ass until she ruins the wedding.  More death and threats of child death, and attempted killings of blind people ensue.  This is actually a really dark movie for the MST3K crew.

And that makes their quips all the more hilarious.  This was a really good episode, with a lot of jokes that had me laughing a ton, and loudly.

The "Sessions" runner is pure gold.  That must have taken some practice, since they pull songs SO effortlessly and quickly out of their heads.  That's where a lot of the humour comes from in those bits, and of course that it just keeps coming back.  Until it is naturally capped off with "Ok, stop that."

"Which of today's singers do you want to see plummet to their doom?"  A question that would have very different answers today, I wager.  Although, even by 1992's standards, the choices feel very dated.  Kenny Rogers?


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