Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey


Man, I can tell this week is going to be one where I have like...NOTHING to say.  I should use this time to work on Trisk posts I'm behind on.

Speaking of, I completely rejiggered my April plans (This is so the worst time to do it, since this IS April, but I digress) and mixed up a few other things here and there, and solidified more plans through to November, 2013.  With the room to juggle around as needed, like I just did for April.  There's a few holes next summer, but that's fine, since if something does come up, it gives me that wiggle room.

But more importantly, I now know exactly when the 100th review will land.  Well, one of two dates, since it depends on how many reviews I do this holiday season, but one of two dates.  Anyways, I know the *when* but I have NO idea what to do for that 100th review.  I have tons of time though, so need to figure out what, if anything, will be a particular theme to single it out, or if it will just be a Spectacularly Awful Movie.

Things to ponder.  And as always, suggestions of bad horror movies are always welcome, for the 100th or not.


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