Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

I Do Strange Things Sometimes.

So, I do weird things.

I have a program I use to keep track of all the DVDs I have.  It's pretty easy to add a title to the list, just type in the UPC number, and it gets added.  Provided that the movie is in it's always being updated master database.

As one can probably imagine, I buy the occasional obscure movie that isn't in the list right away, and can often take several weeks for someone maintaining the list to bother to add it.

In the database, I also keep track of where I bought the disc and for how much, so someday I can tally it up and spit out my coffee, I guess.  I'll usually keep the packing slip/receipt whatever with a disc that's not in the list yet, so when it DOES get added to the master list, and I add it to my personal list, I still have the info.

Well, the other day I had two movies from a single order that had yet to be added.  I updated, and was able to add one movie, but not the other.  So, I kept the slip with the unlisted disc.  But because of the way I had it folded, I couldn't see the names of the titles and the prices at the same time.  I wanted to mark the paper so I could just look at it and know which was the price I wanted for when the movie finally got added.

Now, a sensible person would take a pencil or pen and mark the paper.  But not me!  Oh no.

I couldn't find one of those within arms' reach.  So what do I do?

I grab the lighter I always have nearby for lighting candles, and singe the paper next to the price for future reference.  Because THAT'S sensible and safe...

And this is the longest, most roundabout way to basically say that I like to burn things, isn't it?


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