Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Bonus Rewatch - The Giant Gila Monster

Because I need to be anal in my weekly counting to keep track of where I am in the DVDs easier, I'm sneaking in the '10.2' extra disc that Rhino released once they realised they didn't own the Godzilla movie they put out in Volume 10.  It's complex, deal with it.  More MST3K!

"I'd rather listen to my cat scream."

I love this episode.  I have such great memories of watching it in the syndicated "Mystery Science Theatre Hour" version with friends at in the morning.  In the wrong order.  We saw part two, then something like MONTHS later when it reran, saw part one.  There's a bunch of good lines here, and the plot...well, figure that out from the title!

The best part is when they latch on to the running gag of putting legs up on things.  Not only did they goof on it a LOT during the movie, because they had plenty of targets, but they took it to a host segment, and seeing just how often it was done in the movie made the joke that much richer.  Probably one of my fave bits of silliness.

And uh...if you have neighbours, never start singing along to "Hava the Gila Monstah" at 1am.  It is not recommended.

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