August 3rd, 2017


Stream Powered


I COMPLETELY forgot to mention here...

A few weeks ago, I *finally* got back to podcasting!

My Nerds of Grey ideas kinda crumbled around me like so much ancient cookies (Although I'm keeping it tucked away as a someday project.  It's just not possible at this moment.)

But during working on the Ouija Experiment movies, I thought it would be fun to do a regular thing where I watch something streaming on Amazon or Netflix or etc, and was just thinking of it at first as an additional post type to Trisk, but it occurred to me...

Why not make it a podcast?

So I did!  And I call it The Blood Stream, because that came instantly to mind, and it was unique.  And I am already four episodes in.

If you're interested at listening to me yell and snark about bad movies (And the occasional good one, you can find the podcast at The Blood Stream via Trisk.

Also, you can skip right past that and Subscribe on iTunes.

There's more links lurking at the Trisk site too.