February 23rd, 2016


All Good Things...

Most everyone reading these words knows about the Subreality Cafe.  It was an important part of my life, of most of our lives, and today, 16 years after I came into possession of the #SubCafe chatroom where SO many of us met, I've decided to walk away and let the channel unregister once the time is up.

(If people are suddenly reminded of its existence and once again want to organise some gettogethers, I am more than willing to keep it open, but as of right now, that looks unlikely.  Also, as always, I am still hanging out on IRC in #comicbooks, and can ALWAYS be found there for chatting.)

Something I always had in my head, when I was joking about being the last one out the door, was that I'd write the Last Subreality Story.  I generally knew what it was, but never had any intention of writing it, because when I thought of it, that day coming seemed far away.  Two years ago, I actually DID write it down, and I thought I'd never share it but...I think I have to.

So, here it is...
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