Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Oh Lordy

Amazon had the Extended Editions of Lord of the Rings on Blu Ray on special deal the other day.  I spent pretty much the entire day staring at the sale, pondering, and finally decided to dive in.

I spent awhile checking them out, and while I'm not quite sure I'd say "Yes, if you have the DVDs, you simply must upgrade!!" I am happy with my purchase.  I'm not big on double buying, but to me, they were worth it, and the price was right.

I'd popped in the DVDs a few days earlier, just to see how they looked, and if I really wanted to bother, and these discs, that I had previously used mainly to check audio on systems, but also video quality on assorted things...did not look so good on an HDTV.  There was a quite noticeable difference between the two.

I do find it odd that as you go through each movie's set of discs, five each, two for the movie, two for the behind the scenes appendices, and one more for a previous 90 minute or so behind the scenes movie for each film, previously released with an earlier version of the movies, that things get worse.

The two movie discs are fine, as you would expect.  Detail is very sharp, very nice, the colours pop...but there was some controversy over the transfer of Fellowship.  They went back and tweaked the colour grade, saying they wanted to put it more in line with the latter films, and some people have complained that now the colours look wrong.  Most notably that in the heavy snowy scenes, the white snow now looked green.  Well, ok, there is a slight SLIGHT itty bitty tiny leaning towards the green spectrum, but I'd been hearing people describing it like they were walking on grass.  That's not the case, IMO.  And aside from that, the colours seem pretty much normal to me.

But I digress.  The movies are on Blu, and as sharp and crisp as you would expect that format to deliver.  The two appendices discs are on DVD, and probably just straight copies of the original appendices.  It shows, too.  The quality is lower, but not bad, and still absolutely very watchable, but I found it curious they didn't upgrade those as well.  Likely because of available source material, as much of that would not have been filmed in any way necessary to convert.  A minor gripe, and more of a curiosity.

Finally, there's the fifth disc documentary, also on DVD, likely just copying over the original discs.  And these outright baffle me.  I am full of baff.  These are widescreen, kinda, but not anamorphic, so it's a 16x9 image forced into a 4x3 format, so you are forced to watch this tiny widescreen feature with HUGE black bars on ALL four sides, unless you zoom in, and lose a lot of quality, if you even can zoom.  Why would you do that?!  To go from such high quality for the movies, to utter crap like this, of the lowest quality possible!?

Oh, I know the why, I do.  Money.  They didn't want to take the time and money to do ANYthing to these other three discs, just the movies themselves.  And granted, those are the most important things, and they look great, but damn.  To have such a showcase of the format stuck in there with the worst of the worst...such a shame.

All that said, back to the movies, I am so looking forward to finding the time to sit back and enjoy these all over again.

And watch my mother say how many things she doesn't remember.

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