May 2nd, 2015


Comics Next Week

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #18 Cover A Regular Humberto Ramos Cover
Ant-Man #5 Cover A Regular Mark Brooks Cover
Convergence #5 Cover A Regular Andy Kubert Cover
Convergence Atom #2 Cover A Regular Steve Dillon Cover
Convergence Batgirl #2 Cover A Regular Rick Leonardi Cover
Convergence Justice League #2 Cover A Regular Mark Buckingham Cover
Convergence Nightwing Oracle #2 Cover A Regular Jill Thompson Cover
Convergence Question #2 Cover A Regular Cully Hamner Cover
Convergence Speed Force #2 Cover A Regular Brett Booth Cover
Guardians Team-Up #5
Operation S.I.N. #5
Secret Wars #1 Cover A Regular Alex Ross Cover
Spider-Gwen #4 Cover B Variant NYC Cover
Spider-Woman Vol 5 #7
Wicked + The Divine #10 Cover A Jamie McKelvie
Wolverines #17

Not finalising the order until I see what I can get on Monday when Midtown puts up their FCBD offerings.


Page of Ultron

Held off for a day to not drop lots of reviews all at once, so just updated Trisk with my review of Age of Ultron.

Short version: LOVED it. Probably more than the first, because we didn't spend time with the usual gathering of forces, and instead could just have a blast in the gigantic shared universe we've built.

But it's not perfect, and a lot of that comes down to the movie being TOO big for its runtime.

There's other issues, and I wish I'd talked more, or at all, about Black Widow, but there's a lot to get out of my head, and not everything makes it out...