January 1st, 2015


It's Friday, Friday, Getting Killed on Friday...

...Or maybe it's Thursday.

Anyways, it's also January 1st, and for the New Year, Trisk has its normal new review.

This time out, we head back to Friday the 13th and the area near Camp Crystal Lake, with Friday the 13th Part 2.

At last, the well known slasher comes into things, Jason Voorhees. I love that he WASN'T in the first film. It is SUCH an interesting evolution of the franchise.

Also, I was working on editing this review, a movie about Jason and his dead mom, RIGHT after my own mother had passed away. I was worried that it was gonna hit me in a bad way, but I found a few ways to slip in some nods to that, and honour her, in weird ways.

Which is pretty much how I do things.