Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


A friend of mine is about to launch a website, and I'm helping him through the process, which made me go back to when I launched Trisk, and look at old posts here in my LJ.

Ahh, memories.  Back when I only had half a clue what to do.  I have finally gotten around to doing a few more classic/cult films that aren't necessarily bad, like the recent They Live.  I am amused that I mentioned a running gag of "Spot Ted Raimi!" which ended up being in the very second review!

AND NOTHING ELSE SINCE.  I need to find a movie with him in it, fast, just to keep that going.  Or get it going.  One step does not a running gag make.

Even today, I still feel like I need to better define what a Trisk movie is, beyond, "I know it when I see it!".  Even that isn't always right.  There have been a few notable mishaps along the way.  Brain Machine will always haunt my dreams, although that was wonderfully  cheesy.  I feel last week's "Someone's Watching Me!" was a poor fit, but more or less okay.  The biggest problem there was maybe it was just too obscure.  But a nice stalker movie was a good change of pace.

Fortunately most of the movies I have lined up for the rest of the year fit well, I think.  "Buffy" is the only one that I still question actually reviewing.


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