August 8th, 2014



So, my mom has lung cancer as I've mentioned, she started chemo this week, and she keeps avoiding telling anyone in the family, or putting it off, or always saying she'll do it 'tomorrow'...

Which, it's her news to tell, and I needed to remind myself of that A LOT before accidentally dropping the bombshell on Facebook. (No one in my family reads my LJ, so I'm safe here...)

But the last few days, she's just been getting so belligerent and making little excuses for EVERYthing when something goes wrong (My current favourite being that the calculator must need replacing because she's putting numbers in wrong, but I digress...) and I find myself coming closer and closer to to making mention of her treatments on Facebook so the family finally knows, and part of me is wondering just what level of a dick that would make me. ;)

Earlier in the week I was going to do it if she hadn't done it like she keeps saying, just so it's out there, but lately I'm shifting more and more to just wanting to stir things up. And I'm sure THAT'S when I slip over into douchey territory.

Honestly, if she hasn't told anyone by the time we're through the weekend...

(Which I've been saying for a few weeks, so I guess I learned well from her. ;))