January 8th, 2014

Bean me!

Coffee Wars

...Sorry, I needed to rant and flail. ;)

I knew it was only a matter of time.

Sometime last year, I get told that we're wasting coffee, don't make so much.  Well, it's not THAT much, like maybe a centimeter in the bottom of the pot, but fine, I can make less.  Since six on the pot is too much, and I knew filling the water to the next line down at four was WAY too little, I'd  have to play guesswork in between.

Fast forward through a year of occasional "WOW could you make any LESS coffee??  I didn't have enough to fill my cup!" and then getting rolled eyes when I explain when I make too much, I get chewed out for THAT which is entirely the reason I am making less.  (And denials that such things were ever said...) I knew some day, a day would come, and the comments would be switched yet again...

And that brings us to today, when I hear, "He makes too much coffee, and we're wasting it!  I'm going to use the Keurig machine some more!"

For fuck's sake, it depends on the day, how much of an unmarked level of water I'm guessing at to  pour, how much I might pour into my own mug, how much water the grounds suck up, and I wouldn't be surprised if the coffee pot sitting there on the machine's hot plate FOR THREE HOURS after I've had my mug, has a contribution in some evaporation!

But the real capper is, we haven't USED the coffee pot in three weeks or so, because I bought the AeroPress coffee maker, which is amazing and can make single cups of coffee.  Y'all saw my post on that on the 17th of last month.

But no!  Go ahead!  Go use your Keurig machine and make your weakass lukewarm coffee that fails completely half the time!  I'll keep having my yummy, not bitter, goodness over here.  Just don't expect me to come running every morning because you never remember how to use the damnable machine, or fix it when it only spits out, ironically enough, a centimeter of coffee in your mug...