January 1st, 2014


Wednesday the 1st

Happy new year!

How am I kicking things off?

With the first of a few minor changes to Trisk!  I mentioned this briefly in The Exorcist review, but this is the official start of me reviewing more classic horror flicks, and more of the big franchises.  I've always wanted to review things like Nightmare on Elm Street #841, but always felt I needed the originals in a series to start things off.  But some of those movies are good, so it always felt wrong.  But, I realised they're still pretty cheesy, and still hold up well to poking fun at them, so here we are!

The first of each month will see a classic/franchise movie being reviewed, and what better way for Trisk and Jason to kick things off than with the original 1980 campy camp classic, Friday the 13th??