October 26th, 2013


Give Me Something Good to Watch

With Halloween looming on the horizon, it's naturally time for Trisk to dig into the deep, DEEEEP pile of cheesy Halloween movies again, and this year I came up with Trick or Treat.

I have literally been trying to review this movie since Trisk began.  I discovered it too late for the first year, and kept having trouble finding it, since it's out of print in this region, or had other ideas (Like I had to do the Horror 101/102 movies back to back last year) that just kept pushing it back, and back, and back...and believe me, I could've done it again THIS year, but I said no, I kept saying to people that I'd do it, and this was the year, come Halloween or high water.

ANYways, what you'll find in the review is Gene Simmons, Ozzy Osbourne, and a movie about how evil and corrupting rock and roll music is, with a healthy dose of satanism and satire.  I can't say it was great, but I mostly enjoyed it.  And I'm sure many of us can empathise with the lead character's feelings of being outside the popular crowd.


Comics Next Week

Two weeks' worth again.  And I even tossed on Witchblade and Cataclysm for shits and giggles and this is all I got.

Avengers AI #5 Cover A Regular Dave Marquez Cover
Avengers Vol 5 #22 Cover A Regular Leinil Francis Yu Cover (Infinity Tie-In)
Cataclysm Ultimates Last Stand #0.1 Cover A Regular Paul Renaud Cover
Infinity #5 Cover A Regular Adam Kubert Cover
Secret Avengers Vol 2 #10 Cover A Regular Nic Klein Cover (Infinity Tie-In)
Superior Spider-Man #20 Cover A Regular Giuseppe Camuncoli Cover
Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #5
Superior Spider-Man Team-Up Special #1 Cover A Regular Alexander Lozano Cover (Arms Of The Octopus Part 3)
Transformers Regeneration One #95 Regular Cover
Uncanny Avengers #13

Uncanny X-Force Vol 2 #13 
Witchblade #170 Cover A Regular Marc Silvestri Cover
Wolverine And The X-Men #37 Cover A Regular Ed McGuinness Cover (Battle Of The Atom Part 9)
X-Men Battle Of The Atom #2 Cover A Regular Ed McGuinness Cover (Battle Of The Atom Part 10)
Young Avengers Vol 2 #11 Cover A Regular Jamie McKelvie Cover