October 13th, 2013


How Appropriate

Got the new Trisk up, and for my fourth anniversary, which still makes me boggle, I reviewed the British anthology movie, Tales That Witness Madness.

Which is pretty much the single most appropriate title I've ever had.

The movie is about a scientist trying to cure people of their madness, and they dive into each patient's story.  The twist, or lack thereof, is that he's actually showing them their madness is REAL.

Bean me!

Stargate SG1 Rewatch Randomness

Rewatching SG1 is...kinda depressing. =/

Oh look!  It's *smart* science fiction!  With women and other races treated as equals!  Respect towards other cultures!  Women aren't oversexualised (often, and usually there's reason)!


In fact, thinking back lately, and this was just highlighted by this rewatch and focused for me, a lot of 90s scifi was way more progressive than now.

Like I said, kinda depressing.

(And yes, there's plenty of counter examples, but I think on balance, there's been some stepping backwards, especially lately.)