August 16th, 2013


Get Your Shots

Ahh, a new review posted to Trisk.

Today was better, so I got something done. ;p

And the irony of posting a review for Antiviral, during a week when I was in a mode of, "I wish I was dead" sort of sick is not lost on me.  But here we go anyways!

Antiviral is the first movie from Brandon Cronenberg, a familiar name to genre fans, or just plain movie fans.  He does a solid job, if not perfect.  But hey, first time out of the gate?  I can go with imperfect.  It's not quite as good as the premiere effort that gave us Saw, but it's solid enough.

It's biggest flaws are in its setup, and other people might avoid this like the plague for triggery things like needles puncturing flesh at very frequent intervals.  It's worth a look if you can handle the squick and the strange world.