February 21st, 2013


Bad Chair Day

A while back, I got a new chair.

Problem was, we found my perfect chair, and all that was left was a floor model.

Welll...okay, fine.

Bad news is, they did a crap job putting it together, and of course, I didn't know this, and don't have the instructions.

A few days after getting it, a bolt popped.  Okay, fine again.  I put it back as best I could, but thought the head might be stripped.  Well, it wasn't that stripped, but the angles sucked, etc, and it came out again a few months later.

Last night, I spent an hour trying to put it back AGAIN, and that's pretty much how I killed my hands, trying to get this uncooperative bolt in on a moving target since the chair slides and has crap alignment between the parts unless they are put JUUUST so.

And the spot to screw in is small and has nice metal pieces on both sides, hence the bruises and scratches.

I finally looked at the bolt, and the first centimeter of threads are absolutely smoothed out.  Well, there's yer problem...  Hopefully tomorrow when I head out I can find a good enough replacement.

And do less damage to my hands when I fix things right.