February 17th, 2013


MST3K Rewatch Week 88 - The Violent Years

Y'know, I haven't mentioned host segments in forever!

I loved Tom's dummy head.  And Crow's horror was hilarious, and just about my own reaction to how terrifying that was!

And the theme songs were fun and funny.  Tom's was perfectly appropriate for his ego.

Short - Young Man's Fancy - Oh, such outdated ideas of dating.  It was almost painful to watch the courtship.

*squints* Is this a propaganda film for appliances? >.>  It kinda sneaks up on ya, doesn't it?

"If your name is Alexander Phipps, it is all over for you."

Violent Years - "Her neck is having a flashback!"

This...ahhh, Ed Wood again.  A story about rich, spoiled girls running around committing crimes.  Because they can.  And vandalising schools.  Because they can.

And a judge droning on and on.  Because the script did.  Ugh.  Ed Wood's quirks are great for them to make fun of, really they are.  The pauses, the repetitiveness.  The ED WOODINESS of it all.  It was, at the same time, refreshing to finally have a break from the nearly two months of Sandy Frank stuff, and having something different.  But...it was Ed Wood.  Augh.  I can't win.

I am always amused at the riffs about the guys being pleased to be robbed by women.  They bots are just such...guys.

"Pajamas, jazz, AND communism!  This is wild!"