February 12th, 2013


MST3K Rewatch Week 87 - Mighty Jack

"This is only a test. Had this been an actual movie..."

More Japanese programming!  More tv episodes of a lengthy series!  Edited together into an incoherent 90 minute mess!

Yeah, I'm gonna skim the plot here, because it's just...cinematic kludging on screen.  I don't judge the series on what happened here, but damn.  This is just...a Frankenstein monster of plot, with the important parts missing.

I don't think it's AS bad as they make it out, but it's still rushed and WTF inducing.  In short, Mighty Jack is a Japanese spy organisation, or their aircraft that doubles as a submarine.  Or maybe the base.  Possibly all of the above.  The main plot centers around the evil counterpart to Mighty Jack, Q, trying to ferret out the location of the good guys and destroying them.  Things happen.

As with previous attempts to turn tv shows into video release movies, the resulting monstrosity gives them plenty of opportunity for jokes.  So much, that this episode is often considered one of the classics, and it is a place it deserves.  Almost all the Sandy Frank provided episodes are gold.  Great episodes to hook new fans.

My fave runner was probably Tom, I think,  kissing all the actors when the movie does closeups, and their lips end up right over him.

...Ice that doesn't melt.