December 27th, 2012


Merry Tuesday

So, my Christmas.

Wanna see a picture of all the awesome stuff I got?  Sorry, can't take a picture of nothing.

This was a terrible year, really.

Most of it came over the summer, when our well was having some major issues.  It took a long time to fix them, and ultimately ended up costing us 1000 dollars.  Add onto that the economy, and da not working since last winter, and not getting back to it until this week...


So, there really was no Christmas this year.  No one could even really be bothered to decorate, no one wanted to put up the tree if there was going to be nothing beneath it.

It really was just another Tuesday for me.

And I know none of that really matters (Well, the year still sucked) but it still felt very strange and depressing.  Possibly my worst Christmas ever.