December 23rd, 2012


MST3K Rewatch Week 80 - The Magic Voyage of Sinbad

So yeah, this is another really weird one.  IIRC, it's another Russian/Finnish co-production.  Fortunately, it is nowhere near as weird as Jack Frost.  But it's still pretty fucking weird!  After some unspecified adventures, Sinbad comes home, is unimpressed with the state of the rich and the poor and how everyone is sad that's poor, and decides to go find the bird of happiness.  Wackiness ensues.

He has the strangest way to pick a crew ever; drink strong wine, then get punched!

They make nearly constant jokes about this not seeming very Arabian OR very Sinbad.  Of course, the reason for that is that it *wasn't* originally a Sinbad story, but something from the more local folklore and re-edited and redubbed.  Again, IIRC.

"Maybe this is a Finnish movie called the Magic Voyage of Torval?"

So, everyone is sad and poor, Sinbad fishes up golden fish to feed and clothe everyone...everyone is happy!  And then he still sails off to look for the bird of happiness, with unknown happiness qualities?  Okay?

"Ah yes, the VIKINGS of Sinbad."

There is a niiice callback to "Tormented" when some waves crash and they crack, "Tom Stewart killed me!"

Best part is when they find the phoenix of whatever, and start mocking its lines with parrot cliches.  And then it puts the guys in the movie AND Joel and Crow to sleep.

And after 90 minutes, and an acid trip of a diversion under the sea to Neptune's palace, the hero returns home to declare that happiness was there all along.  BOGUS, as Joel says, and I agree...

The host segments were decent enough, too.  I love at the end, Joel uses a fish puppet like in the movie, and it's great that the 'bots don't understand puppetry. XD

A pretty solid episode, all told.