December 20th, 2012


My Dad is Stubborn

So, my dad's had a 'spot' on his lung for awhile now, but it seemed benign whatever it was.  The doctors that found it just said they'd keep an eye on it for the time being.

Welll, he's having some minor issues, and new doctors noticed the spot, and want to take a closer look at it, mostly out of curiosity.

They want to have him head down to Boston, where real doctors and real hospitals (And the better equipment is).  Which is fair enough.  Vermont isn't exactly known for big cities and big hospitals and all the best toys.

But what's my dad's response, "I am not going to Boston!  Getting around that place is a pain in the ass!"

...Okay, fine, that's a fair point, and anyone from Massachusetts will agree with it, I am sure.  EXCEPT WHEN YOUR HEALTH AND MAYBE YOUR LIFE IS IN DANGER!


They're setting him up on a bus from Vermont to go down there, so it works out health-wise, but geeeeze.