December 16th, 2012


MST3K Rewatch Week 79 - Master Ninja II

"Grampa Ninja saves the day!"

Not really a whole much to really add to this one that I didn't say about Master Ninja I.  Probably the highlight of the two films/four episodes, was the guest stars from the early 80s waltzing through the story.  Demi Moore, Crystal Bernard, Claude Akins, etc.

This was such a mumbly movie.  I think Timothy Van Patten's ability to speak actually became more impaired between episodes.

The best part must have been the gang's confusion from the bad, obvious cut between episodes.  Such a poorly edited together 'movie' from two episodes.  In fairness, outside of making a framing sequence, there's no GOOD way, but wow, those two episodes were very awkward, especially with the cold open of the second episode.

I *still* think this is an idea that COULD be done well.