December 9th, 2012


MST3K Rewatch Week 78 - Master Ninja 1

Ahh, the MST3K tradition of taking a 'movie' that is really two episodes of a bombed tv show that make no sense together as a single story!

Which, naturally, they get tons of mileage with.

Really, the biggest crime of Master Ninja/The Master is that it is so clearly a cheap 1980s action tv show.

The story revolves around a Korean war vet who was trained in the ways of the ninja, and has been called back to the States to try and find his estranged daughter.  Along the way he hooks up with drifter Max Keller, and his hamster.  Since this was a tv series, there's no real resolution to the plot, outside of stopping the criminals they'd encounter in any given episode.

Goofy action, stunt double replacements, and padding...yeah, there's lots for them to make fun of here, and this was a pretty fun episode.

And is it bad that I kinda want to see Master Ninja get remade?  The idea isn't *entirely* terrible.