November 1st, 2012


Crowd Control

Sometimes, my mom just amazes me.

Jeopardy just came on, she looks at the tv...

"Ohh, this is filmed on the west coast, right??  Look at all those people there!!  I wonder if anyone has figured out what's happened out here?!" just boggling.

First of all, she doesn't get the show records several weeks in advance, despite me telling her this several times. ;)  But even leaving that aside, what?  Does she think they're trapped in the building, with no access to news, and don't know what happened several days ago?? =)

Mind coffee

And So it Begins

Once more unto the breach, my friends!  NaNoWriMo begins!

2038 / 50000

My entry this year is tentatively entitled Hunter's Moon, and it's about a young man in high school who encounters an older, mysterious, and thoroughly entrancing woman.

Which is when everything goes horribly wrong.

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