October 28th, 2012


MST3K Rewatch Week 72 - Jack Frost

What may be my favourite MST3K episode.

Mike Nelson's Lord of the Dance...I love that bit.  I am a huge fan of Riverdance/Lord of the Dance, and they were at their height when this came out.  I remember laughing SO damned hard when Mike appeared, shirtless and dancing.  The bit was just the right length, and Mike NAILS the ego and basking of Michael Flatley.

The movie...I cannot sum this mess up.  It's based off Ruso-Finnish fairy tales, and the shortest version is, a braggart learns to be humble while looking like a bear, and falling in love with a pretty young girl who is tormented by her stepmother and ugly stepsister.

It gets weirder and more convoluted than that.

"So, the first plot point involves knitting socks.  I think we're in for quite a ride!"

I love that this movie starts off weird, gets weirder, and every time you think it can't turn any further down Weird Street, it keeps going.  I mean, it has stumps growing flowers, magic mushroom headed men, Jack Frost, and just...yeah, this is one head trip of a movie.  And it is wonderful.  I laugh at damned near every line.

"I enjoy watching people's mental illness."

"I'm a bear!"