September 30th, 2012


MST3K Rewatch Week 68 - The Blood Waters of Doctor Z.

This guy needs to say hey to Dr. X...

I don't normally comment on the host segments much, but Crow's tobacco juice GAAAAH.  That's one of the more disgusting moments they've pulled.

This movie was...yeah.  I want to read up more on this one, because it seems like there's got to be an interesting story behind it.  Probably not, but still.  It centers around a scientist who was laughed at for his crazy theories about making fish bigger.  So he finally completes his formulat, and turns himself into a walking fishman.  To get revenge.  Because that makes sense.

The saddest thing though, is that this is not an original plot...

"It's been a long twenty years..."  "It's been a long twenty MINUTES!!"  This week's quote of truth.

The movie is so slow, so quiet, and only has voiceovers for the first few acts or so.  I don't think Dr. Z ever talks, in anything other than voiceover.  And once he's become a fish, he never says a thing, period.

But I love Crow mocking the droning, descriptive voiceivers.

"This movie needs a whole new exhaust system!"  A great comment on the slightly experimental nature of the music.

The only film that flashes back to five minutes ago.  They really padded this sucker out.

The best part though, is Tom making a joke that gets nitpicked to death by the others.  And then he sulks.  And even gets snippy!  Poor Tom.

Writing this up, I think I enjoyed the movie more than I thought while watching it.  It's a bit plodding at times, but when they get off some good bits, they're actually really good.

"No matter how much the movie insists that there's tension, I must respectfully disagree with it."