June 10th, 2012


MST3K Rewatch Week 52 - Future War

This one almost makes Laserblast look like Shakespeare.  And the most amazing thing is, this movie was only a few years old when MST3K did it.  And man, it sure doesn't look like it, does it?  It looks like your typical 80s fare, but no!  Late 90s?!

This time out, a slave and kickboxer from the future, who's bloodline comes from the Earth's distant past, escapes from his slavers and comes to Earth, where a dinosaur tracker and its masters come to find him and punch cardboard boxes.

And there's a subplot with an aspiring nun having a crisis of faith that meets our Jean Claude Gosh Darn wannabe, and her adventures with the future man punching large-chinned cyborgs somehow makes her believe in God.  It is all rather vague on the how, so whatever.

Such a bad movie, and the utter weirdness of story and situations sure gives them a lot to play with.  The jokes come pretty fast, and are of pretty high quality.  The designs are crap, the acting is awful, and the sets are laughable.  A solid episode all around for mocking.  Although things go a bit silly and fillery once the credits roll, and Mike starts doing shadow puppets.  Still funny, but it definitely felt like they were killing time.  I also suspect since this was the final season, they did some things they'd always put off before.

I did like them trying to blame it on Joel's recent return visit a few episodes prior.  Which I'll actually get to in a few weeks.  Gotta love the weirdness of their DVD releases thanks to licensing issues.

"The movie that delivers more huhs? per second."