May 6th, 2012


MST3K Rewatch Week 47 - The Starfighters

Anyone looking for my (coherent) review of Avengers, much like the Phoenix, it's coming.  It was a rough weekend for me, so I didn't have the energy to form many thoughts about the movie beyond, "Yeeee".

Anyways, on to MST3K.

"So, this must be the highway to the Danger Zone?"

In my opinion, this episode is almost more memorable for Crow's adventures on the information superhighway.  Oh, how quaint this seems now.  And yet, still so very true.

Ah, another disgustingly padded movie.  Although, I do think the airplane footage is kinda cool.  Made all the better with all the sexual innuendo riffs.  There really is nothing to this movie.  Senator's kid joins the Air Force, tries to impress his dad, flies around a lot, then goes off to Europe.  No seriously, that is the entirety of the plot.

"Rampant phone call action!"

It is amazing that a movie so filled with so much nothing gives the guys so much to work with.  Granted, some of that nothing is the 'poopie suit' which provides a third of their entertainment easily.