April 4th, 2012


Touched by an Angle.

On the "About damned time" train I've been on, finally watched the series premiere of Touch.


Such a frustratingly good show.  On the one hand, you have Keifer Sutherland and Danny Glover.  A decent intriguing plot.  I love stuff about connections between people.  Those little coincidences that build towards something.  And MAN did that first episode build to some *amazingly* powerful moments as the connection became clearer and clearer.

And then...

And then they pushed things that one step too far.  They made the kid magic.  They pushed the show into that realm of unbelievability for me.  They made the kid able to predict the future with TOO much accuracy, and it really started to break the show's fiction for me.  I can run with prophecy, but I *hatehatehate* the whole idea of "they're so smart they can predict the future with absolute certainty just because they're smart!!" idea.  It...it just doesn't work.

Yes, I know, I'm the guy who reads comic books complaining about THIS, but there are levels of believability, and this one jumped over the line, IMO.

I'll keep watching to see where things go, and aside from the kid's supernatural abilities (Which they at least give SOME credence to actually being supernatural, in a way) it is well made and acted and such, but...


I am so pleased to have an excuse to dust this userpic off.