March 11th, 2012


MST3K Rewatch Week 39 - Teen-Age Strangler

I'm feeling a wee bit under the weather this morning, so this might be a short one...

Short, Is This Love? - I thought this was going to be a different short I've recently watched, but no.  Same subject matter though, of a young couple, rushing into love, and being told not to.  I like that using older actors to play college age, is not a newish phenomenon. ;)  And another short that provides no answers, noooo!

As for the movie itself, a fun romp about teenagers getting strangled.  ...Er, that didn't sound right.  Anyways, the guys have a lot of fun with it, and when I wasn't zonking out here and there, it was quite enjoyable.  Probably one of the better ones in recent weeks.  The resolution of the mystery is pretty damned obvious from the very start, and the plot meanders its way to that conclusion for the next hour and change.