February 26th, 2012


They Live, We Sleep

February wraps up with another John Carpenter movie reviewed at Trisk, and how could I not review They Live?

Well, actually, being a genuinely good movie, it might not seem like the best fit, but if we're being honest there IS a lot of cheese there, and some holes to poke fun at.  And using a number of tropes from the bad era of movies in new ways makes it almost an example of how to take what SHOULD be bad, and make it good.

And it's an awesome movie, and I don't care, I reviewed it anyways.



MST3K Rewatch Week 37 - Godzilla vs. Megalon

Yeah, that's right, I got the *original* MST3K volume 10 with the Godzilla movie, before they realised, oops, we don't have the rights to that! and stopped production.  A rare set indeed.  Also got the replacement disc they put out singly for those who did get the original set, and didn't want to miss out.  We'll get to that movie in a few weeks.  But for now, GOJIRA!

"Action sequences filmed in confuse-o-vision!"

Jet Jaguar...boy, he was pointless.  In fact, a lot of this movie was.  It spends half the time building up a monster controlled by an underground society we don't really know, is never really defeated, and they lose control of Megalon so he can destroy what he wants...which he was kinda already doing.  The point here was...what, exactly?  Why not just have the monster stomp around?  I'm gonna assume it was to give the movie a different, and sillier, plot.

On top of all that, the Big G himself is barely in this, spending most of his time walking along the bottom of the ocean so he can join in the fight.  Godzilla finally enters the movie with 20 minutes to go.  And I love his little entrance dance.  I can practically hear a rousing theme song as he walks to the ring.

But aside from all that, I am also amused at a They Live reference, since I just posted that review.

Overall, fun stuff with an undeniable classic movie property, and a rarity in the world of MST3K releases.

And look, a new userpic!  I figured I needed one for MST3K posts (Or just plain bad movies) so snapped a shot of my plastic figures and the logo stress ball I've gotten since Shout! Factory started handling the property.  Debated taking just a shot of the ball, to make for a clearer shot of the logo, but I honestly just liked the group shot better, and you all know what's on the ball, even if it isn't *perfectly* clear.